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August 3, 2020

keyword titan

One of the most important parts of ranking for search engine optimization is choosing the right keywords. Many rookie internet marketers go by their gut feeling or personal preferences when selecting keywords, however, personal preferences are rarely as accurate as we would like to think they are.

keyword titan

In order to get the best results in search engines, it is essential to understand what people are really searching for and what those words are really worth. While there are many tools out there that can give you some basic information, none are as complete, accurate, and easy to use as Keyword Titan.

Keyword Titan is a very complete and powerful tool! It goes way beyond simple keyword searching and provides a plethora of valuable information that will help keep your website afloat in the ever-changing and sometimes confusing world of search engine optimization.

Why is this tool so special? Just take a look at this Keyword Titan review as we discuss the main features explained and you will surely understand!

Keyword Explorer

This is the main feature of the tool, and it does an amazing job at it! With a click of a button, you can easily mine valuable information such as search volume, CPC, data, search volume, and much more! The information is presented in a way that it is effortless to understand, analyze, and export.

Search Explorer

With the search explorer, you can find thousands of keyword ideas by finding the keywords that are being searched for on the top platforms, such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Ebay and YouTube. Simply enter a keyword and it will give you back thousands of keywords that are perfect when looking for topics in your niche to produce content for.

Competition Analyzer and Rank Explorer

This ingenious feature will immediately show you how easy or fierce the competition is for any given keyword. Among other data, it shows you the top ten ranking sites and how many links each of them has, allowing you to find the weakest link on the first page results. It also shows the available domains that closely match the specific keyword.

Rank Tracker

Keyword Titan has a feature that allows you to follow your websites or others that you want to track. It gives you constantly updated information such as keywords that search engines rank to the particular site, domain trust score, page trust score, detailed backlink analysis, and more!

Keyword Titan Review Conclusion

Keyword Titan is truly a remarkable tool that offers fantastic results while saving an incalculable amount of time! You can track to see how your current website is ranking and check on the competition’s ranking keywords. If you are stuck for ideas for producing content, the search explorer will give you plenty of keywords that you can use.

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