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August 3, 2020

instant video wizard

If there is one thing that every marketer knows, it is that a mix of text, image and video is tremendously powerful when it comes to communicating with their audience. However, video is becoming the most important of those three components and this became abundantly clear when the well known internet trend researchers, Hubspot conducted a survey recently that showed that over 81{213f4aaf41decebdea55b82275a7f44b3d679b4ab463dcb160203c93a3487420} of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. That research has also indicated that by 2021, 82{213f4aaf41decebdea55b82275a7f44b3d679b4ab463dcb160203c93a3487420} of all internet searches will lead to consumers clicking on video content.

instant video wizard

A great video editor is an asset for social media influencers and businesses who want to leverage the power of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many, many others. An increasingly large numbers of these users are turning to the powerful yet easy to use functionality of Instant Video Wizard.

Professional Results

This software has ‘instant’ as part of its product name for a reason – by way of example, it is simplicity to upload video content to a channel like YouTube with a single click of a button.

Other, competing video editing suites force the user to compromise. They can produce incredibly high quality work but that can be extremely time consuming, or they can go the ‘quick and dirty’ route which speeds up the process, but the end result will not have that professional veneer that an increasing number of savvy internet users are coming to expect.

Instant Video Wizard does not force that compromise. The results are professional, slick and saves a company or other user tremendous amounts of time.

Database of Images, Articles And Video Clips

Another reason that this software is proving so incredibly popular is the database of images, video clips and articles that it allows the user to access. With over 132,000 articles and thousands of images, the creation process has never been easier or more powerful.

The ability of the software to allow the user to modify those articles to suit their unique needs and then convert the text to speech is an extremely attractive option for those who want to upscale the number of videos that they produce on a daily basis.

Fast And Easy

Instant Video Wizard is so powerful and has so many easy to use features that producing a good video can take as little as 30 seconds. Spend 5 minutes and you’ll end up with product that is world class and takes full advantage of the software’s multitude of frames, slide animations and a vast array of special effects.

This is video production software for the 21st century. It saves the user time, money and produces video that will allow a business or an individual to leverage the power of the internet and social media, or to produce video for a multitude of other uses.

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