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May 30, 2022

Done for you sales funnels

If you’re looking to generate an income online but have no clue where to begin or have tried to do so but it is not working out, then this review on affiliate marketing sales funnels may as well be just what the affiliate doctor prescribed!

Thing is, it’s fairly easy to make money online, especially when you have a well optimized, done for you marketing system at your disposal, where all you have to do is simply activate traffic!

Done for you affiliate marketing sales funnels offer many advantages for affiliate marketers who’re just starting out, have no website or are simply looking for a plug n play solution that they can use to generate sales faster than they would’ve using other means.

Before we can dive deep into sales funnels, perhaps it’s prudent to backtrack a bit..

Disclaimer – Since I share blogging and internet marketing strategies with awesome folks like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products and software I use and recommend. Should you take action (i.e subscribe, make a purchase etc) after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn some coffee money (at no cost to you) – Which I promise to drink whilst creating more helpful content like this! 🙂

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What is a sales funnel?

done for you sales funnels


We make use of the metaphor of a sales funnel (wide at the very top, narrow at the end) to monitor the sales process.
Towards the top of this funnel you’ve got ‘unqualified prospects’ – the people who are attracted to the website using various means – social media, blog posts, paid traffic etc.
At the end of this funnel, you’ve got those who’ve received the service or product and have also purchased it.
The metaphor of a funnel can be utilized because prospects drop out of different stages of an extended sales process.

Some affiliate marketing sales funnels even offer lead magnets, i.e a free ebook or short course in exchange for the customer’s name and email. Once those details are captured, the leads are then siphoned through a highly optimized sales process consisting of upsells and downsells (more on those later) until the customer has purchased all they can afford or reaches the end of the funnel.

Consider a sales funnel more like a silent, done for you sales team that’s constantly pitching different offes to the subscribers until they’ve purchased as many products as possible along the sales process.

Affiliate Funnel Example

Done for You Sales Funnels

Affiliate Marketing Sales funnels are effective in closing more sales because they offer customers a lot of upsells and downsells purchased designed to enhance the effectiveness of the Front End (FE) offer.

Front End (FE) refers to the offer on the very first page of the sales page.
Upsell, or one time offer (OTO) is the very next offer after the one being promoted on the front sales page. Upsells are always promoted as an upgrade to the offer on the main sales page. Buy this, or miss out on making more money with this upsell, the message would go.

Downsell – this is a stripped down version of the upsell. When a customer declines to purchase an upsell, they’re usually presented with a downsell, which has some of the upsell features and benefits removed from it – so that the marketer can squeeze as much profit as possible by offering different combinations of upsells.

The FE product is always a low ticket item, usually priced from about $4 to $20.

This is deliberate and psychological – if you desire to learn how to make sales in affiliate marketing, this is the path of least resistance to take.

Once the visitor purchases the front end (fe) product, they’re now in an elevated buying mood, so the first OTO is usually another no -brainer purchase, and the customer will continue being presented with OTO after OTO before they have even had the chance to download the FE product.

Why you need a sales funnel

To sell more products and make a lot more money using just one sales funnel, obviously!

Some affiliate marketing sales funnels can include as much as 50 products, with each upsell or downsell being presented to the visitor from the purchase of the FE product until they decide to stop purchasing more products!

By the time the visitor has gone through the entire sales funnel, most would have purchased multiple one time high ticket offers (OTOs) or downsells, so it’s pretty easy to see how one can end up making multiple sales from just one offer, as opposed to promoting each OTO separately.

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnels

Every industry or niche you can think of has sales funnels, from eCommerce platforms such as Amazon that will bundle related products from different merchants and recommend them to you before you check out, to beauty and skincare products that will sell you multiple skincare products, with each addon being slightly more expensive than the previous one you may have purchased.

Should you be contemplating running a eCommerce platform where you’ll be selling  luxury clothing items such as shirts etc, you could essentially create a funnel where the FE product is the shirt, the addon OTO could be a waist coat, the 3rd could be a monthly paid subscription to a newsletter where you share exclusive trending fashion content and accessories, or offer a subscription service to a haircare and beard grooming product line.

Your ideas are only limited by your imagination!

Other highly effective affiliate marketing sales funnels that high achieving internet marketers use with accurate precision are webinars! Attendees to such webinars are then pitched time sensitive, high ticket offers they have to purchase before the webinar is over. Some Internet marketers are known to have banked well over 6 figures during such webinar sales pitches.

Depending on how seasoned you are as an affiliate, a done for you webinar funnel might just be your ticket to ride!


Why affiliate marketing sales funnels Sizzle

done for you sales funnel

As you can tell, some affiliate marketing sales funnels are done for you, meaning they come packed with multiple products that new affiliates do not have the resources to create on their own. This is literally a complete sales funnel agency you can take and run with. Should you desire to collect email leads, then you’d have to create your own landing page so you too can capture names and emails of subscribers you can promote funnels to.

Some done for you affiliate marketing sales funnels come preloaded with email swipes you can upload to your autoresponder of choice to start sending your email lists.

As you can tell, you stand to make multiple checks from one funnel that has a series of one time (OTO) upsells and downsells in sequence. There really is no limit to the amount of money you can make with such done for you sales funnels.

It really is that simple.

3 of the Best Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnels (IIMSS)

Chances are you may have your own opion about some affiliate marketing sales funnels that you like and are here to simply validate your preference. Doesn’t matter really save for the customer service and price point.

Most people would love to get their hands on Clickfunnels or Groove but, these are complete marketing systems that require you to create your own sales funnel from the available templates and, once you’ve accomplished that, you can then integrate those funnels with the inbuilt autoresponder or checkout system etc.

ClickFunnels Standard is $97 per month. With this plan you can build up to 20 funnels and 100 pages.
The Platinum version is $297 per month.

For the purpose of this article, I’m going to strictly stick to all-in-one done for you sales funnels where you hardly have to create any content in order to make the funnels work. That said, should you already have a website, you can always use that to create an optin form and lead magnet, then redirect any subscribers straight to the sales funnel.


Here’s the rundown on 3 of the best done for you affiliate marketing funnel example we recommend and currently use in our business.

1: Funnelly Enough DFY Sales Funnel

I must confess, I’d never heard of Funnelly Enough Sales Funnel, (FEUnleashed) before but, there it was – always trending on warriorplus with multiple 4 digit sales day in and day out soon after it launched! So I did the only logical thing I could, I purchased the entire funnel before I could even consider promoting it. It really had so many features, benefits and upsells I wanted to use in my own business (more on those below).

I was not disappointed.

FEUnleashed done for you sales funnel

What I like About FEUnleashed.

    • The sales video introducing the entire funnel is very well made and believable. Anyone looking for a done for you sales funnel will immediately resonate with the message that AJ Simon, one of the co-creators of FEUnleashed, shares.
    • Funnelly Enough, or FEUnleashed, is Free to promote, should you have the knowhow to promote this extensive super funnel.
    • You earn 50% commissions upfront on every sale you make on each of the core upsells in the funnel and 15% on the DFY traffic modules.
    • You earn a whopping 100% commissions on the entire funnel should you decide to purchase it.
    • The Price for this funnel is only $97.00 a month. It’s subscription based as the developers have to pay for:
  1. Hosting – you do not need your own website to promote Funnelly Enough
  2. Limitless Traffic – training on how to use google, youtube and facebook to drive insane free traffic to your website
  3. Done for you traffic using paid soloads
  4. Ongoing coaching in a private facebook mastermind group.
    • Comes pre-loaded with 30 days of well written, highly optimized email swipes that you can plug straight into your autoresponder and activate the traffic to for more sales
    • Comes with FunnelsProfitsPro – a module that connects and offers your buyers 14 days free trial to builderall. Should they continue using builderall after the trial period as their drag and drop site builder and autoresponder of choice, you get a commission from builderall each month that user remains as a subscriber!

As you can tell, Funelly Enough comes with so many done for you modules that you as an affiliate will find very useful to your own business, over and above selling the same modules to others.

Funnelly Enough Sales Funnel Members Area

funnelly enough sales funnel members area

This was the biggest draw card for me from all the done for you sales funnels I’ve tested. Unlike clickfunnels or Groove which only give you access to creating your own funnels, FEUnleashed is a true standalone done for you affiliate marketing sales funnel you can purchase and use in your internet marketing business or promote as an affiliate.

What I don’t like about Funnelly Enough

Their done for you traffic using solo ads is a tad too pricey. You can get Premium T1 solo ads elsewhere for way less. Doesn’t make the quality of clicks inferior! There’s this belief that the more expensive solo ads are per click, that means they’re quality leads.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you’re paying over $0.60 CPC for premium T1 solo ads, you’re paying too much!

That’s my only gripe with this done for you affiliate marketing sales funnel, otherwise it’s muy perfecto!

2: The Click Wealth System

Click wealth is our 2nd choice of done for you sales funnels that I highly recommend. For starters, the front end offer (FE) is only $9.00, so hardly anyone’s going to think twice about buying this funnel at that price.

clickwealth affiliate sales funnel

Clickwealth is one of the top selling products on clickbank as has been for quite some time now. Matthew Tang (the developer) does a pretty awesome job of explaining the the customer – middleman arbitrage concept through his 5 minute sales video on the sales page.
The concept is about finding a vendor with a product, such as amazon, clickbank, maxbounty etc and you, being the middle man selling that product for a profit.

The training in the members area shows you exactly how to execute all this like a boss!

The sales video is not emotional per se, it’s more logic and anyone interested in making money online will laugh as all the silly mistakes they’ve made about making money online are exposed on video.

What I like about the Click Wealth System

  • Connects you with a list of tried and tested affiliate offers to promote
  • Has a cloud based website builder that comes preloaded with 2 high converting landing pages you can drive traffic to and get optins and make sales. You can access an additions 5 profit pages through an optional upgrade.
  • Has testimonials from real users of the system who have started making money online
  • Comes with a Profit Activator upsell – which offers the following features and benefits:

a) Scarcity activator – a plugin that uses scarcity to activate FOMO (fear of missing out) in your buyers, thereby motivating them into whipping out their credit cards to buy your affiliate offer.
b) Social Proof Activator – sneaky way of showing how much other affiliates promoting the click wealth system made in commissions that day!
c) Urgency Activator – this is a count down timer that shows the potential buyer how much time they have left to purchase the product before the countdown reaches zero, after which the product becomes unavailable to that IP address!
d) A lead magnet optin form that, should your prospective buyer enter their details, they’ll be retargeted across the web.
Retargeting is where you start seeing ads of the product you just looked at, following you across major platforms online, like on facebook, news sites and other social media platforms etc.

  • Comes with 100 FREE CLICKS to your affiliate offer, no questions asked!
  • Solo ads module – you can purchase traffic directly from the dashboard or, should you not have the resources for this, you can use the ready made social media traffic method to drive traffic to your offer using free methods.
  • Is pre-loaded with an email broadcast app! The video walkthrough shows you how to find an offer to promote and how to use the broadbast feature to send your email to your list of emails without needing an autoresponder!
  • 30 days of powerful email swipes are also included – you simply upload these to your favorite autoresponder and you’re good to go!

clickwealth done for you sales funnels

The click wealth system has so many features you actually have to experience them yourself to believe it!

What I don’t like about the Click Wealth System..

Every program has some drawback, like support issues or that the program doesn’t work etc. Click wealth system works, no doubt, but you need a budget to run the solo ads and, since they’re the exclusive source of traffic for this funnel, you’re guaranteed to pay premium for this traffic.

On a budget? Check out this solo ads vendor for 100% US Buyers traffic at low down dirty prices!

#3 Super Funnel Hero System

This is our third on the list of done for you sales funnels that we feel any affiliate interested in making money online should try.
Super funnel hero by George Wickens has sold over 25000 copies on warriorplus alone!

super funnel hero sales funnel

As great as that might sound, 25k copies in users hands could also imply that the majority of users searching for make money online opportunities already know of or have this system. You promoting it at this time could be an uphill battle if the majority of your traffic already know about this etc.

Just a thought.

What I like about Super Funnel Hero System.

This super funnel has sold over 25 000 copies on warriorplus alone!! That’s a lot of moolah that’s been made, and hopefully there’s a lot more to be made!

  • This superfunnel’s FE product is only $7!
  • George Wickens pours his heart out to help newbies and those affiliates who have been burnt through shiny object syndrome before.
  • There are 8 upsells in the entire funnel and no downsell. Each upsell is independent of the previous product, but is a must-have should you desire to increase the amount of money you can make by learning this system.
  • Too many testimonials from real world users to even count. People’s lives have been changed by this funnel!
  • Every buyer receives a branded T-Shirt completely FREE!
  • Has a masterclass upsell that breaks down the super funnel, what makes it so effective and how you can use that to make more money with your IM business.
    Topics covered by the Masterclass include:

a) Why email marketing now
b) How to get your emails into your subscriber’s inboxes
c) Your perfect Customer and Subscriber
d) How to boost your features and benefits
e) Port of the click and how to maximize profits from them
f) The ultimate email format
g) Proven strategies for powerful email content

Super Funnel Hero Masterclass Members Area

super funnel hero masterclass

What I didn’t like about Super Funnel Hero.

There’re only 4 core modules below $100 in this entire funnel. The rest are between $300 – $1000! So you have to be an excellent affiliate to sell more than 4 modules in this funnel. Whilst this is not a negative in and of itself, selling a high ticket offer needs a different mindset to selling a $7 product. So you better have the chops needed to make high ticket sales in order to enjoy a lot more money from this funnel.

Conclusion of our Done for you sales funnels

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing looking for the best sales funnel for affiliate marketing to make more money off of, or are an already seasoned affiliate looking for components of a dfy sales funnel to use in your IM business, we hope this article has given you enough information to take your IM business to the next level.

Happy affiliating.

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