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October 15, 2022

Digital Marketing Solutions

Still Guilty of Using Obsolete Methods to Attract Big Ticket Clients Instead of Taking Advantage of State of the Art Digital Marketing Solutions?

It’s no secret, cold calling still trumps a lot of other methods of attracting high ticket clients to your services, especially if you’re a seasoned digital agency with lots of case studies and history under your belt to show-off to your prospects, coupled with a banging sales pitch!

digital marketing solutions

However, when starting out.. the question always is, how do you attract high ticket clients, when you have no credibility or history to your name?

Bribing the receptionist with cookies, cupcakes or flowers doesn’t cut it anymore, not to mention the cost associated with repeating the same gesture to different, nonchalant clients!

The trepidation of expecting your prospect asking for *previous work history or case studies of success with other businesses* is usually why most entreprenuers don’t have a profitable online business!

It’s as black and white as that!

As a young lad growing up in rural South Africa, my favorite fable, told to me countless times by my grandpa each time we went visiting his homestead, was that of the rabbit and the tortoise (turtle).

It’s an interesting fable, to say the least! 🙂

In case you’re not familiar with this fable – there once was this rabbit who constantly bragged about how fast he was. Then along walked a tortoise in their eternal slow-jam walk to nowhere in particular. As you can imagine, speedy bunny had a field day poking fun at how slow the tortoise walked.. which then prompted the tortoise to challeng the bunny to a race!

Spoiler alert – the tortoise (turtle) won the race because, as is the case with hubris, the bunny took a nap along the race course as it believed the tortoise would never catch up. By the time the bunny had woken up, the race was over and the tortoise (turtle) had won!

Moral of the story?

digital marketing software

Not all super sales people are diligent in their approach to bagging high value clients. Whilst most super closers are good at their trade, their archilles heel is oft-times the continued use of archaic methods to close, follow-up and maintaining client satisfaction. In short, they’re bound to slip-up now and again, which just goes to show that there’s always room for slow bloomers or those terrified of cold calling to become super sale closers – as long as you know how to harness the awesome power of digital marketing solutions and saas to your advantage!

In this competitive digital eat-all landscape, how do you separate yourself from seasoned cold callers who can breeze through the entire yellow pages by lunchtime before notching a single yes, not to mention that, in this day and age, unsolicited cold calling can land you in some super sticky situation should you ignore DNC numbers?

Here’re 5 digital marketing solutions you’ll be glad exist, because they could mean the difference between going bust or buying that lambo!

I digress!

Marketing Blocks Review

Could This Be The Best-Foot-in-the-Door Digital Marketing Solution for Agencies That Could Potentially Replace Cold Calling?

Marketing Blocks Review

First off, I prefaced this article by reiterating the power of cold calling for those with the gift of the garb. However, just as VHS killed Betamax and Netflix single handedly replaced blockbuster.. it's inevitable that cold calling as a prospecting method, is doomed to be replaced by other, more superior methods of client acquisition that would make Jordan Belfort give a standing ovation!

What is Marketing Blocks?

Marketing Blocks' an All-in-One A.I. powered Digital Marketing dashboard that will help the user create complete marketing assets by way of typing simple commands.

The name's kinda unique, and refers to creating marketing assets in blocks, if you will! 

A true saas application, nothing to install, everything resides in the cloud, as should every digital marketing solution in this day and age.

What are these marketing assets, I hear you ask?

At the heart of this digital marketing solution's a sleek UI powered by A.I. named Ethan.
Before beginning with your first marketing asset, you have to create a project where you input a brief description of the company you intend to promote etc, then watch Ethan go to the market for you by creating amazingly flawless, ready to use marketing assets that need little to no editing on your part -

I kid you not!

These marketing assets, located in a sidebar menu to the left of the UI, quite like a wordpress dashboard, are -

  • Landing pages - preloaded with flawless content (including Niche specific stock images) based on your initial project description.
  • High Converting Ads, (for facebook, Adwords, linkedin etc)
  • Emails - highly personalized emails that guarantee prospects respond almost 90% of the time!
  • Marketing Copy - sales copy to promote the business whose project you're working on.
  • Banners, (for your prospective client's website, social media properties etc)
  • Videos - for use on youtube, client's or own's website etc
  • Voice overs, etc.

 I was very fortunate to get advanced access to this software before its official release and made an extensive video of it which can be found here [marketing blocks video review]

What sets marketing blocks apart from other stand-alone digital marketing solutions is that it does not require you to have any technical or design skills and also saves you from paying outrageous fees for complicated tools or expensive freelancers and agencies.

  • You can literally fire your copywriter! An English speaking copywriter on platforms such as fiverr, upwork or even konker charges an arm and a leg for good sales copy!

Should you require a super lengthy article, you'll probably have to liquidate your children's education fund, because a good copywriter's services are not cheap, not by any stretch of the imagination!

  • Ethan can intuitively write flawless landing pages for whatever niche you're promoting. The A.I. will include the appropriate synonyms etc into the copy without additional input from you whatsoever!
  • There's no monthly subscription that comes with your purchase of marketing blocks!
  • You no longer need multiple subscriptions to apps like Photoshop or Canva as you're able to create any graphic (banners, logos, letterheads, infographics etc) from the huge library of over 12 million Royalty-free images already available in Marketing Blocks.
  • Ethan, the trained A.I. assistant writes hyper-hypnotic emails that never fail to attract a prospect and compels a response 90% of the time!

Can life get any easier?

Now you can spend less time and energy writing emails and spend more time concentrating on clients and closing deals. Bring more efficiency to your workflow, as this digital marketing solutions' A.I. does all the work for you!

Why is This The Best Software For Digital Agencies?

A successful digital marketing strategy focuses on the needs of the customer, however, how does a new startup undertake that when they do not have a viable book of business to work with?

One word - Initiative!

Marketing blocks acts as that one foot in the door you could use to "impress" your prospective client with work, long before they've even hired your services for future projects.

How to Close More Cold High Ticket Clients More Often

Scenario One:
Consider sending your prospective client a highly optimized, ready to deploy landing page, complete with industry/niche specific images - to replace theirs that, more often than not, is not optimized to close leads...

Scenario Two:
Clients face a barrage of cold calls - daily! It's a nuisance and a lot of resources, including money, are constantly beng allocated towards filtering out cold calls.

Even though cold calling works in most instances, not all clients appreciate being cold called upon when busy focusing on improving their bottom line.

Now how do you think the client would react when they receive a Done For You, highly optimized landing page that they could use, as is, without as much as having paid for it?

Do you think they'd actually call you back to ask what else your digital agency could do for them, thus opening up all the other amazing services your company offers, or do you think they'd outright ignore the gesture and innitiative?

Interesting thought isn't it, considering not many companies use this approach, if ever!

To this day, even though almost all my domains show the name of my other company that manages the SEO in the footer, I still get unsolicited calls and emails - daily! What's even worse is there's nothing unique to differentiate these prospectors from the other - it's almost a sea of grey, all clamoring to do my SEO and social media, without as much as looking at the footer of each domain or asking me what's most important to the viability of my business etc.

Instead of cold calling and harping ad-nauseum about how great your services are, imagine how refreshing it is, to give something upfront, without expecting anything in return?

Just how many digital agencies are taking this approach to client acquisition?

It's annoying - that there's such attention deficite. Now imagine how your prospective client feels, long before you've picked up the phone or send an email prospecting for business?

Ready to See Marketing Blocks in Action?

The Future Of Digital Marketing Solutions

Being competitive in today's marketing environment does not necessarily mean working harder than anyone else. On the contrary, that could prove counter productive!

Working smarter however, and taking advantage of the plethora of awesome digital marketing solutions that amplifiy one's workflow, thereby working less, yet at the same productivity level as someone with an entire team of subordinates - that's the future of digital marketing as we know it.

It's not surprising coming across solo internet marketers with a book of business that would turn traditional digital agencies green with envy! This is why I'm so enamored by Marketing blocks, and whilst this review might sound biased, you have to test-drive this saas software to appreciate its true potential.

Whether your intentions are to create hooks for your potential clients or promoting digital products as a affiliate, you will find Marketing Blocks as the once in a lifetime tool that you didn't know you needed!

In case you missed my marketing blocks review video, you can now watch it to the right of this section. In the video you can watch me create a project based on a short description of what I was promoting, which then Ethan the A-I goes ahead and creates marketing assets for.

It's quite impressive, knowing what software now and in the future will be capable of performing, from simply a string of commands.

2 :: How to Improve Your Social Media Presence

In the new Millennia, not having a social media presence makes your company an commercial pariah!
At a minimum, your company should have a robust LinkedIn profile with lots of connections and some meaningful endorsements about your services and accomplishments, if any. Increasingly, having active and savvy Facebook and Twitter profiles are also preferable to most prospective customers and employees. If you don’t have a social media presence, it can be a red flag that you as a business are inept, lazy or worse.

Regardless of whether your business sells B2B or B2C services, your prospective customers want to know and see that you're embracing trending tech which, at the moment, clearly includes social media. Otherwise, you'll look like you’re refusing to upgrade your business and communication skills and no customer who understands the internet wants to be associated with a company that refuses or, at the very least, can't evolve.

Which begs the question - which is incidentally the title of this segment - how to improve social media presence when you're a one man show doing their utmost best to survive in an ever competitive digital landscape?

Is there a magical digital marketing solution that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or come with a monthly subscription fee that's higher than your vehicle lease you can use to game the system and look like Elon in the process?

Perhaps not quite like Elon, but aye, there is is social media marketing software that can help improve your business brand or that of your valued clients on social media without sacrificing time, employing more employees or watching your savings slowly disappearing like an event horizon.

The challenge for digital agency owners who manage multiple social media accounts for their clients is accessibility - you know how annoying it can be having to manually post to each account individually or, should you have a VA, the pain of having to provide them with admin access to every social media account you create.

Whilst there are other tools available to you online, they’re mostly limited to managing single posts, which every serious marketer knows it’s only a fraction of the real work involved.

If you’re looking for a simpler digital marketing solution to help you with managing multiple social media accounts, then you’ll love Social Kick Start – your AIO solution for all your social media marketing!

Watch This Social Media Marketing Software in Action..

This social media marketing software has all the tools and functionality you need to find highly engaging content, then reporpose that by auto scheduling it to be posted to any other social media account of platform you 

may be managing, all in a single bird’s eye view dashboard!

If you thought hootsuite was amazing, wait till you check out Social Kickstart 2.0!
Building a fanpage’s one thing, but truly building a successful social media presence is how you scale your digital agency into a high traffic, high selling success.

What this translates to, is wasting on average, well over 3 hours each day that you could be spending on other marketing efforts!

Up until now, there really hasn't been a solution to the tedious, time wasting work involved with social media account management.

With social kickstart, it’s a breeze to schedule multiple posts for each of the social media accounts you manage.

The clean and easy to use dashboard allows you to manage and schedule all the posts for all the fan pages and other social media platforms you manage on behalf of your clients in sequential, easy to understand steps!

digital marketing solutions
Imagine having 20 client fanpages to manage – with each new post taking you  at the very minimum 10 minutes to research for content before you make the post?

What's more, social kickstart discovers proven, viral content from facebook groups and pages, youtube, pinterest, Instagram, tumblr, google news, meme searches etc. that’ll help you maximize your fanpages and other social media platforms because it’s proven to get people engaged, thereby quickly improving your age rank, visibility, interactions and most importantly – Sales!

This software integrates seamlessly with twitter, linkedin and facebook where you can view and analyze social engagement metrics in a clean and easy format so you choose the type of content that is proven, viral and will naturally attract more visitors.
Once you've selected your viral content, you can quickly edit and repurpose that content to any of your customer’s social media accounts.
Even better, you can scan through metrics such as post dates, shares, likes, subscribers, comments, followers and repins without having to look at each individual page!

Reducing the amount of clicks it takes to get your data saves you time and money.

Once you’ve discovered the content you’d like to post on behalf of your clients, you can setup an automated drip schedule to automatically drip content once or several times a day to your facebook fanpages, linkedin and twitter accounts..

Seeing is believing..

You have to experience the awesome power of this social media marketing tool to appreciate the time and cost saving your digital agency will experience...

3 :: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Clients' Websites

How to drive traffic to website

Ever wondered how some digital marketers are able to determine their own rate when onboarding new clients to their agencies whilst others struggle with getting clients to agree on a bare minimum sign-on fee?

Well, three reasons mostly - their ability to generate leads, drive website traffic and build brand awareness better than any other marketer for their clients' businesses.

Master these skill alone, or the ability to scour the internet in pursuit of such covert digital marketing software that'll perform these tasks on your behalf and you'll be considered a rainmaker in the eyes of your prospective clients.

You could then literally thumb-suck any arbitrary high onboarding price and chances are your clients won't bet an eyelid in paying that amount for your services.

Whether you offer PPC, Social Media engagement or SEO services, the ability to get your client's website front and center in front of hungry buyers with credit card in hand is what clients pay top dollar for.

Now, consider being able to accomplish this, over and over again, with little to no input from you?

Sounds too far fetched, but bear with me for a moment..

Happy Customer Relationships

We all know how almost every company now has social media share buttons on their websites etc, because they've realized just how effective social media is in promoting brand awareness and eventually sales. People buy from companies they trust, especially those they've been referred to by their friends. Long gone are the days of deploying poorly created sites with spun content and hoping you'll rank on page one of the SERPs and some uninformed customer will land on your page and purchase whatever it is you're promoting.

So, the question then is, how does one consistently manage to strategically place their clients' web properties in front of the right audience without spending a fortune doing so, or spending half their waking life in front of the computer to achieve this?

The answer is simple - syndication!

Wassat, I hear you ask?

In a nutshell, it's leveraging all high trafficked social media platforms to spread the word about your client and their services!


How effective are social media platforms when one does not have a strong following on any of them?

As serendipity would have it Madea, there's a piece of software with a very strong following that can accomplish all your pain points, and with amazing results to boot!

So, instead of slagging away for a fortnight creating new social media accounts that have no following, you can use existing, aged accounts with a strong following to syndicate your clients' content to the top social media platforms, confident that, not only will that content be consumed by the most appropriate audience, but also that those social media platforms have strong trust authority with all the major search engines, thereby making any links back to your clients' properties coveted backlinks that can boost rankings for your clients' chosen keywords!

Mind you, all this is automated, including the rate at which you would like your content with backlinks to be posted to the social media platforms. Should you not have the content to accompany your clients' videos, backlinks etc to be posted to the social media platforms, but don't sweat it,

Software Walkthrough Demo!

..the software has A-I content writer that will write the appropriate content based on the keywords you feed it prior-to posting the content!

For fear of sounding redundant - Seeing is indeed believing! Watch the software demo video to see this digital marketing software in action and decide for yourself just how effective you want to be in the eyes of your prospective clients.

As a digital agency marketer, I hope you see the value in syndicating your clients' content across the interwebs so many eyeballs are viewing and digesting that content in real time.
Should that content be video, the syndication alone is a powerful metric to youtube that the content is being promoted outside the platform, which can result in better ranking metrics for that property you're promoting!

This digital marketing software will allow you to Get FREE, Targeted BUYER-Traffic In 48 Hours or less by leveraging the power of high-quality social syndication - and this is all Done-For-You!

Best part of all this..

  • NO Software To Install
  • No steep learning curve!
  • No previous SEO knowledge or experience
  • No Social Account Creation Needed
  • No Content Needed Besides your or your clients' URLs
  • No previous SEO knowledge or experience needed
  • No Proxies or Captchas Needed
  • All cloud based and can be accessed from any computer!

Heck, you don’t even need to KNOW what social syndication IS!
All you need to do is to:

  • Login to the web-based SAAS portal
  • Submit your Keywords and URL you want traffic for
  • Hit “Submit”

Yup, That about sums it UP!

From There their System Will Get To Work And Build You HUNDREDS of high-quality syndication links to your content and, depending on the keyword metrics such as difficulty and competition, skyrocket it to page 1 of Google!

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