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Seriously, no one deserves to waste their only shot at living locked in a cubicle. Life happens outside, not in the tight rules of the corporate world. Do yourself a favor, check this before your shot at living according to your rules runs out..

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About Me.

South African born, our family was as dirt poor as you can imagine a family from a 3rd World Country to be.

I remember walking miles barefooted to school and back as a young kid, and getting new clothes only once each year - around Christmas!
To say all the odds were staked against me is an understatement yet, I never gave up on my dream for freedom and eventually found my passion in the field of internet and affiliate marketing.

The fruits on internet marketing have taken me to the most amazing locations around the world, to finally settling in and calling the beautiful PNW region of the US home!
If I could make it against all those odds, imagine what you too could accomplish?

They Say

Felix A

Holistic Healer

"Came for the SEO, stayed for the Affiliate marketing knowledge - applied it and then quit my 9-5. Never looked back!

Lucia S

Pinterest Traffic Coach

" Not to brag or anything, but this dude knows his sh*t!" Glad our paths met! Will forever be grateful to George's insights!

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