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May 18, 2022

Blogging niche ideas

What Blogging Niche Ideas Add More Bang in Your Wallet?

A niche in blogging terms is the overriding theme or content your blog chooses to focus on. By niche, we mean a subset of a drilled down broad market, like finance – to a specific (niche) topic such as making money online through bloggingThe overall theme of this blog is how to make money online through internet marketing, for which blogging is a major component of that theme or niche, if you will. Others may choose beauty products, health, investing etc, all of which are specific niches content creators can choose as the overriding theme of their blog content.

Not choosing a niche is one of the biggest blogging mistakes new internet marketers make. I too was guilty of this when starting out.

Whilst it may feel natural to have a general blog touching on many topics, the reality is that blogs that focus on one niche theme tend to be more profitable than the former.
Having content such as “blogger niche ideas” in one post, and then “amazing backpacking trips” in another and then how to date in the digital age in another post, all on the same blog will not only alienate your audience, but further frustrate you as a marketer new to blogging!

The money is in them niches, as one sage once said!

Should you be contemplating entering the internet marketing space through blogging and wondering if it’s saturated or that you will not be able to make an income from it – we hope this post on blogging niche ideas will not only answer those questions , but also enable you to take action that could impact your life, and wallet, in a positive way!

Ready to dig in?

Disclaimer – Since I share blogging and internet marketing strategies with awesome folks like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products and software I use and recommend. Should you take action (i.e subscribe, make a purchase etc) after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn some coffee money – Which I promise to drink whilst creating more helpful content like this! 🙂

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Brainstorming Blogging niche ideas to find the right fit for you!

Let’s talk about how you can find the perfect blogging niche for you. The bullet points below are meant to be used as a guide, not as a finite rule of thumb to use whenever determing if a niche is right for you or not.

  • Know your interests first – Starting a blog can be a very fun and exciting venture for new bloggers. From coming up with the name for your blog, purchasing the domain name and creating the look and feel of your new hub is all a new blogger needs to feel like an influencer in blogging terms! However, if you have little to no interest in the subject you want to write about, and are only doing it for the anticipated financial windfall that comes with successful blogs, then sooner or later you’re bound to burn out.
    I’m not a fan of choosing niches based on the potential of making money without having the slightest interest in the topic at hand. Ideally your motivation for choosing the niche is to help your audience so that in the long term, they come to view you as the go to niche blogger for solutions to their problems or angst!
  • Research about your niche – Once you know what niche you’ll be picking, it’s then time to do some comprehensive research about that particular niche.
    How many searches do keywords in your niche receive in the search engines per month? What about buyer intent keywords? What content could you repurpose or find off social media platforms for your blog? Are there enough people online talking about your niche in forums and on social media?
    Google Trends will be your great resource in determing how popular your niche content is and where in the World your market may be for your niche topic. Narrow down your niche if it’s too big, which narrows down the competition for your chosen keywords.
  • Look for Monetization methods – Blogging niche ideas are dime a dozen. You can start a blog on literally any subject! Hobby bloggers do that all the time!
    What you could focus on however, are unique blog ideas whose content can be monetized. Should there be no affiliate products that support or compliment your content, then you my friend are a hobby blogger – doing it for the love of blogging without any desire to make money from your efforts whatsoever! There’s nothing as disheartening and coming up with a blog name etc. and content, only to find there’re zero monetizing methods for your content. You’re in the blogging environment to help your readers and in return, be rewarded for it, so find niches that will reward you whilst solving a lot of angst for your readers in the process!

Top 10 Most Popular, Profitable and Amazing Blogging Niches

1. Health and Fitness

health and fitness niche blogging ideas pic

Regardless of whether you choose this as one of your blogging niche ideas or not, the fact still stands that the Health and Fitness niche is a multi billion dollar industry in and of itself. There’s never been a time in living history that people are so focused on their health and fitness! As such, there’s no shortage of resources from which you can find compelling data and material for your blog.

Within the health and fitness niche is one of the best profitable niche for blogging. You can literally drill down to super sub niches, like crossfit for nurses, crossfit for single moms, how to lose weight after pregnancy, how to lose weight after a breakup, how to gain weight after gallbladder removal, vegan recipes for beginners etc.
As with any ultra competitive market such as Health and fitness, the challenge is not only coming up with compelling content, but angles as well as chances are someone may have already beaten you to that article you cannot wait to show off to your mother in law with!

Niching down is an awesome strategy, but niching down for the sake of doing so could also hurt your blog should the content be sub par! Everyone nowadays is looking for content that resonates and, should you hit all the right spots, you’ll be rewarded with shares as well as affiliate sales.

Whilst you do not have to be a professional, expert, or certified fitness/nutrition instructor – the more personable your content is, the faster you’ll be able to connect with your audience than a hastily put together article written with the intention of pleasing the google gods!

Monetization Methods – Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services, Sponsored posts.

2. Make Money Online

make money online blogging niche ideas pic
What hasn’t been said about making money online? The premise of this entire blog is about how to make money online because, let’s face it, the 9 – 5 doesn’t cut it anymore!

Perhaps your desire to start blogging is to supplement your current income, and you enjoy your job, or perhaps you desire to help others with making money online as you make your portion as well.

Whatever your motivation, make money online has been one of the most popular search terms online and, as a one of your blogging niche ideas, you cannot go wrong with this niche, erhm, you could! I mean, if your content is aimed at selling snake oil instead of helping your readers understand the nuances of making money online, then you could go wrong in all manners possible!

Many people want to learn about Internet Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, How to Make Money Online, eCommerce, etc. for building an online business. So there are lots of sub-niches to choose from for starting a blog.

You can start a blog using different angles, such as teaching people how to do Social Media Marketing, How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogging for beginners, brainstorming blogging niche ideas (such as this blog) and How to run a successful eCommerce store etc. 

Monetization Methods – Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services, Sponsored posts.

3. Relationship & Parenting

relationships blogging niche ideas pic

Just as with Money and Health markets, Relationship and parenting searches, including advice, never get old n the search engines!

We all live super busy lives and lifestyles, and this at times can create strife in relationships as families attempt to figure out how to co-exist in a ever dynamic environment. So they turn to the internet for advice and connections with others in similar situations to themselves.

Add to the above singles, dating apps for all age groups and demographics – how to get your ex back and how to date a girl niches. Your only limit here is your imagination! 

You can start a blog to solve any of the above problems – heck, you could even start a podcast and invite authority heads in this space to share their insights and advice on creating harmonious spaces for folks in relationships, parenting, weddings etc.

Monetization Methods – Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services, Sponsored posts.

4. DIY & Crafting

diy blogging niche idea

DIY & Crafting is another blogging niche that is very popular on Pinterest. If you thought the DIY niche was only for dudes doing home improvent, think again!
The majority of the targeted audience in this DIY & Crafting niche are women and they have the financial resources and time to look for DIY projects they can complete themselves. DIY doesn’t have to be confined to home improvement or decor alone, in fact, gardening, landscaping, woodworking, sewing and a whole lot of other subniches makes the DIY space a very versatile marke with lots of subniches to write about.

Your blog could have categories – each with its own subtopic or niche! Use google trends to uncover more trending subniches in the DIY space you could take advantage of whilst the demand is still high!

Monetization Methods – Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services.

5. Personal Finance

personal finance niche blogging idea

Personal finance is one of those niche blogging ideas that affects all of us. After all, you being here and desiring to blog for a living is a personal financial decision you’re having to determine.

As with all other blogging niche ideas already shared, writing about your personal experiences with finances is the fastest way to get a discussion going with your blog. After all, not all bloggers were born with silver spoons in their mouths, we all have personal stories to share and when your story resonates with your audience, making them feel as if they’re not alone in their journey to financial freedom, then you might just have made a real connection there.

In this day and age, where you can get investment advice from millenials one one end and boomers on the other hand, it’s fascinating to simply see how diverse this market is. The penny hoarder, in case you’ve never heard of it, is one amazing blogging resource for personal finance matters. You could use that as your source of inspiration on your journey to creating one of the most amazing personal finance for a certain age blog!

Who knows, your voice might just be what the market needs right now, especially as most folks simply desire to invest their money the right way and in the right space so they have a good return for their investments without being scammed by some Nigerian Prince!

Monetization Methods – Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services, Sponsored posts.

6. Travel

Travel blogging niche ideas pic

Travel niche is one of the most popular and profitable blogging niche ideas out there, especially if you love traveling and are passionate about it. By seeking out new adventures, places and exploring them, you can turn your passion into your blog niche.

In your travel blog, you can write share your traveling experiences or aspirations! You do not have to be a travel connoisseur to have travel as one of your niche blogging ideas. A lot of travel writes write about local places, what makes your location unique and what you would like your readers to know about such place. As for international destination, write about how you feel about such destinations and why you would love to visit, then ask for comments from others who may have visited such locations etc.

As for monetization, there are several affiliate programs you can join for your travel blog. You can promote your affiliate offers on your blog to your audience. Products like hotel bookings, travel agencies and products found on Amazon that help your audience with traveling.

7. Cooking & Recipes

cooking and nutrition blogging niche ideas

One of my favorite blogging niche ideas out there!
Whether you enjoy cooking or simply sampling delicious eats, I think we can both agree that cooking and recipes is one awesome blogging niche idea to venture into!

  • If you love cooking and have some awesome recipes and cooking tips to share, then you can use your blog as a platform. You don’t need to be a professional cook or chef for starting a cooking and recipes blog.
    You’re always home when you connect with your audience at a cuisine level! We all have our popular favorite recipes but, when there’s even a hint of something new and cooking in the air, you can count on our mouths watering as the aroma wafts through the air and invades our senses!
    You will attract a broad audience with your cooking and recipes blog. There is plenty of traffic in this niche and this niche has plenty of sub-niches too. You can start a blog for people who are looking for healthy food & recipes, or a blog on region-specific recipes like Egypt, Cameroun, Brazil, Italian, Asian, etc. Monetization Methods – Advertising, Affiliate Products & Services, Personal Products & Services, Sponsored posts.


Just 7 Blogging Niche Ideas?

You might be thinking, “Is this all?” after reading this post, and my answer is – of course not!
These are just a few of the most popular blogging niche ideas you could make a decent living from should your content meet the sniff test. Naturally, there’re other diverse blogging niche ideas out there that are just as popular.
Rule of thumb, if there’re a number of ads running for your search term and the search volume for the overall market is over 500k, then you know you’re onto something!

Blogging is about sharing your thoughts and ideas, just as this blog shared niches that are generally mainstream. As a blogger, your strengths lie in research and writing content that resonates with your audience.

Inflation is at an all time high as of the time of writing this post, folks are worried about food, gas, retirement and so forth. Blogging, when done right, can be such a catharsis from all that, plus there’s the added benefit of being paid handsomely for your skillset.

Hopefully, this article gives you better insight into high demand blog topics you can niche down on and make a living from.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about this article.

Please share this article should you have enjoyed reading it!

Thank you!

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