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According to Google Answers, there were approximately 9.5 million websites on the Internet in 1999, this being the age of dial-up, under-construction banners on websites and Apple had yet to get their act together.

As of December 2012, 51 Million websites were added that year alone to the over 634 Million websites already existing on the internet.

In short, there is just so much happening on the Internet right now such that it’s virtually impossible to capture it all in a blog post.

These numbers should not frighten you however from venturing into this deep abyss we call the internet (Run Forest RUN!). The fact that you’ve found my website and are reading this very post, is proof that, regardless of the number of websites added to the internet each and every day, you stand a high chance of your website being found online by your customers, searching for your very product, using the method of search engine optimization, (local SEO in short), or via Social Media.

Hi; My name is George Feelgood and thank you for visiting.

I am a native of South Africa, yeah, the same country that produced Mr. Nelson R. Mandela, Mark Shuttleworth (of Ubuntu Fame), Elon Musk (Tesla Motors Founder and CEO), Sal Masekela and Charlize Theron, among other personalities basking in their own selfless pursuits to better the vagaries of life.

Now that I’ve got your unmitigated attention and have distracted you from your starbucks, tweeting or whatever else occupies your downtime, a little bit about myself..

My background’s in Solution Consulting and Sales, having worked for a number of Software Consulting Companies both in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa that specialized in bespoke solutions to manufacturing organizations.

I am privileged to have lived on 4 Continents – Africa, Europe, Australia and now, the United States.
During my stay in New York and Atlanta Ga, where I lived my initial 5 years here in the US, I ventured into Internet Marketing, a process where I was promoting products from various online concerns in exchange for an affiliate commission.

Pursuant to that, and upon request from a number of small businesses that had been referred to my unique skills of driving traffic to my online affiliate properties, I then incorporated Offline Business Consulting to my portfolio, offering among other services; web design, social media marketing and media placement services.

This has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I will forever be grateful for having discovered this internet lifestyle that affords me with the time and opportunity to pursue my passion – being of service to others.

It is often said that, when you do that which you love, the money and everything else will come – how true.

I currently live in Portland Oregon, the Jewel of the Pacific Northwest with my girlfriend and her son.
When I’m not tinkering about the Internet, I can be found in the state of hyperventilation on a Salsa dance floor near you!

I love the great outdoors and am a regular to the numerous shindigs that make this weird City we all love even more spectacular.

I am a free spirit, I love meditating and every waking moment of my life is spent in the now… and yes, I’m a tree huger, for those curious enough about this lifestyle!

I am humbled and flattered by your visit to this page; I hope the links below my bio pic give you further insight about my background, or at least answer any questions you may have about me and what I can help you accomplish.